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Calimero 2.0

You're about to dive into the Calimero Network, a place designed to shake up the digital world by prioritizing what matters most: privacy, data control, and freedom in your creations. Calimero offers a foundation for those committed to building the new digital landscape where privacy and user autonomy are non-negotiable. It's a shift towards an ecosystem where applications are built on principles of decentralization, ensuring users retain control over their digital footprint.

Robust framework

Quickly launch and configure nodes in our peer-to-peer network with user-friendly tools that minimize the complexity and technical challenges.

Comprehensive SDKs

Jumpstart your decentralized apps with our SDKs, designed for easy integration into our robust peer-to-peer network.

Open Source project

Contribute your code to help forge a platform that leads the way in innovation in the decentralized space