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Welcome to the exciting world of application development in the decentralized space! As a developer, you have the opportunity to build cutting-edge applications using our comprehensive suite of tools. Start by shaping the core application logic with our Protocol SDK and then bring your application to life by crafting intuitive user interfaces with the Client SDK. Join our community of developers and start creating powerful decentralized applications that can make a significant impact in the tech world.

Application development consists of two main parts:

  1. building the application logic with the Protocol SDK
  2. building the application client interface with the Client SDK

Protocol SDK

The Protocol SDK within the Calimero Network equips developers with tools for creating, testing, and deploying protocols essential for decentralized applications (DApps). It features capabilities such as code generation, security enhancement, and interoperability support to ensure robust and efficient DApp operations. This SDK is crucial for integrating with the Calimero Network's components, facilitating seamless updates and versioning critical for DApps in fields like decentralized messaging and finance.

Currently we have SDK only for rust but in the future we will have SDKs for other languages as well.

Client SDKs

The Client SDK includes straightforward tools to help you build your application. For logging in, we provide functions that allow users to authenticate using their wallet credentials, which must be set up as root keys in the admin dashboard. This setup ensures that access is both secure and straightforward. For handling data, the SDK supports JSON-RPC for direct data transactions and websockets for live updates. These features are designed to make your development process efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on creating a great user experience.

Currently we have SDK only for typescript but in the future we will have SDKs for other languages as well.

Publish app

After you have created your application logic with Rust and your application UI with TypeScript, you can publish your app. Follow instructions in the Publish App guide to learn how to publish your app and how users can download and run it.

Building app from template

We have prepared template repository for you to get started quickly. You can find the template repository here. Repository contains two folders, logic and app. logic folder contains the application logic written in Rust and app folder contains the application client interface written in TypeScript.

NOTE: Logic is still under development and may not be yet published.

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